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Of Sybrina Publishing and Distributing.  Sybrina Publishing is an independent publishing company which encompasses children’s books, reference material for songwriters and writers of fiction plus musical and video compositions by Sybrina.  Book offerings include Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox in English, Spanish and Tagalog and Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus 4 volume set.

25 years ago, there wasn't anything much available other than Webster's Dictionary or Roget's Thesaurus and a couple of synonym and antonym books. So, I decided I'd start to put together what I was looking for, myself.

Those were the prehistoric days, before p.c.'s. Each bit of information I gathered was tediously placed behind index tabs in spiral notebooks...lots of notebooks and tons of tabs. It very quickly became a monstrous task. When I got my first computer, with Word Perfect's word "search and replace" features, I felt like I'd finally arrived in the 20th century but the best was yet to come.


Word for Windows made cross-referencing all those phrases to all of their relevant categories a breeze.


The book went through many variations and platforms but now it is available as a 4 volume set in soft cover print and as an ebook at most online book stores.

Compiling this book has been a labor of love. Along the way, I have discovered my true writing skills lie, not in
writing out my stories, but in organizing and categorizing information. Maybe someday, I'll actually have time to write my own great novel, but for now, I'm content in the knowledge that my work on Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus has made it easier for other writers to get past their own
brick walls.


I want to hear from you. Your feedback and comments are extremely important to me. Please send your comments to








Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus

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If you’re looking for an original song for a friend, family member or even a hired performer to sing at your wedding, listen to “Today, I’m Getting Married” and see if it’s the song for you.  You can purchase the Vocals and Separate Musical Accompaniment on 1 MP3 file thru Itunes. Click on the Heart.  Also available in Spanish.

Today, You're Getting Married - Wedding Song By Sybrina Durant available for wedding singers.

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Sybrina Publishing encompasses musical compositions and reference material for writers of fiction.  Click on an icon to browse other offerings.


Sybtina Songs

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How To Tie A Tie Video


At last, the enchanting age old story of the rabbit and the fox is available for teaching the art of tying a simple, yet elegant knot in a tie.  For generations, this endearing old world mnemonic* was passed from father to son by word of mouth only...Click the logo on the left to watch the animated video, read the story and see the illustrations.  Click the logo on the right to buy the new full color 24 page disneyesque yet thoroughly modern family activity story ebook.


Learn To Tie A Tie Family Activity Story EBook

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A little history...

 I started writing "Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox" in 1989! My children and I were shopping for a tie for my husband to wear to a very important "white collar" job interview. He was always a "blue collar" worker thus having very little opportunity to wear a tie. Consequently, at the age of 32, he was unsure as to how to go about tying the "dang thing" properly.


Laughingly, I mentioned to the salesman that my husband was going to have to call his father to get instructions over the telephone. At that point, the very pleasant young man whisked the tie, which he had helped select, off the counter and draped it around his neck. The kids and I couldn't help giggling as the effect was rather humorous considering he was already wearing a suit and tie.


"Let me tell you a little story that is so simple even a child can remember it," he exclaimed and proceeded to tell us about a little rabbit who was being chased by a fox. The whole while he moved the tie through the sequence of events as they occurred.


The story went like this, all inclusive, "There once was a little rabbit being chased by a fox. The fox chased him around a tree once. Then, they ran around it again. Then, the rabbit ran under a bush. Next, he jumped over a log. Then, he jumped into a hole and was safe."


By the time the rabbit was safely away from the fox, the tie was completely tied with a beautiful knot. My children and I were delighted and couldn't wait to get home to show their dad what we had learned.

Sure enough, we remembered the steps of the rabbit's flight from the fox and related them to him. Within moments, he had tied a knot in his new tie that looked like it had been accomplished by an expert.


To make a long story short, he went on the interview looking like a true professional and got the job!

I've always wanted to share this story with the world and originally created an animated instructional song video, which is also available on Youtube. But what I really wanted to create was a family activity picture book where all participants could practice the steps of tying the tie with the rabbit and the fox as they read the book together.


And so, this little picture book was finally born and is now available in three languages in print and ebook formats and in English as an Android Phone app.  Listen to instructional song for free at

Update for those interested in Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox...

Sybrina Durant

The Legend Of The Blue Unicorn

The Legend of the Blue Unicorn is a children’s story about a tribe of 11 magical unicorns and one plain blue one.  Click the links above to purchase the print or ebook.   Join Blue on his adventure to save his tribe from the unicorn eating Manticore and gain his own magic along the way.

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