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The Code

Lyrics & Vocal Melody--Sybrina Durant
Musical Composition--Josef Kalna


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Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus


Verse 1


The similarities of man are all genetic.

Hereditarians will say it's cybernetic.

Evolutionary change is all kinetic.

Examinations of our past is copesetic.


Who's your papa? Who's your mom?

Does anybody really know where we come from?

Class of mammals, genus, homo.

Can you break the code?


From the stars or from the dust,

Aesop, Disney, Darwin & Harris

Anthrophomorphized apes and toads.

Can you break the code?




Can you break the code? (repeat 4 times)


Verse 2


Authenticity of our Creator is suspect.

Antiquarians reject the prophets.

Revolutionary thoughts are endemic

And over-postulation lends itself to panic.


From out of the gene pool, humanity swims.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Zen.

Primordial ooze sewed a lot of wild oats.


Can you break the code?



Verse 3


Who is right?  Whois wrong?

Caught in the lure of the sirens song.

Primal scream beckons the soul.




Verse 4


The multicolored plumage humans don is ornithic.

Adornment includes everything from pelts to plastic.

The arbitrary mating that occurs is eurhythmic.

The resultant hurly-burly of the act is orgastic.


A look, a kiss, a mental touch.

Analog, digital, a chemical rush.

Blatant deeds spring from innuendo.


Can you break the code?




From the dark dawn of man, the question's been asked. 

Where do we come from?  What is our past?

The answers are there but we never may know.


Can you break the code?



Sybtina Songs

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The 6 songs are in MP3 format, ready to load on your music player or to burn to CD.  The zip file is 40 mb.  Song Titles are 1.  Hush  2. The Code  3.  Perfection  4.  Our Love Is True  5.  Talk  

6. Only Everything.

If you Sybrina Songs


The 6 songs are in MP3 format, ready to load on your music player or to burn to CD.  The zip file is 44 mb.  Song Titles are 1.  Fooled Me Twice  2. Let It Burn  3.  No Angel  4.  Once Upon A Time  5.  Run  6. Whatever It Takes.

The 6 songs are in MP3 format, ready to load on your music player or to burn to CD.  The zip file is 40 mb.  Song Titles are 1.  Time Doesn’t Matter 2. You’re The Reason  3.  I Won’t Give Up  4.  Free  5.  Go With The Flow  

6. Can You Hear Me? Everything.

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